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Medication Reminder

For those living with dementia, time-of-day association and remembering to do daily tasks can sometimes be difficult.

People living with dementia can lose the ability to recognise what the time is and even whether it is day or night. The MemRabel 2 helps with time-of-day association, using a large display high contrast clock face. This can help those living with dementia to maintain their daily routine and reduce anxiety about the time of day and them missing key events.

The MemRabel 2 also allows you to programme reminder alarms in the form of personal photos, videos, audio or text messages which can set daily, weekly or specific dates. At alarm time the selected voice reminder with accompanying screen graphic or video is played back on the screen. 

Advanced Pill Dispenser

The Advance Pill Dispenser automatically dispenses pills, whilst beeping to alert the user that the next dose of medication is ready to be taken.

Should the user not take the medication as prompted, a wireless signal is sent to a The Reach Alarm Unit, which then makes an automated call to a list of carers or to a professional monitoring centre to alert them of the situation.

The dispenser also has a self-locking shutter over the lid to prevent access to the medication tray, except at the time that the medication is programmed to be available.

Taking medication everyday can sometimes by difficult. This device is ideal for anyone with conditions requiring medication such as hypertension and dementia, so that family members or carers can rest assured that their loved one is taking their medication when required.